My opinion on the “eyebrow tatoo” WUNDERBROW

Hello everyone ! I told you about it a few times on Snapchat, so it’s time to give you my opinion on the Wunderbrow eyebrow product ! For people who have not seen my previous videos eyebrows, I allow you to re-situate a little thing! On vacation do not put …

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To whiten your teeth in 3 weeks

To whiten your teeth in 3 weeks whiten weeks teeth

Hello, this time we do not talk about makeup, sports or slimming … But we will talk about teeth, and more specifically white teeth! I come back to you because I tested during 3 weeks 2 products to whiten the teeth and which worked of the thunder! It is a …

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NYX Lip Lingeries: Do we fall in love?

NYX Lip Lingeries: Do we fall in love? lingeries

Hi girls and boys! We meet again this Tuesday for a new article with two new lip products! I think it’s been a while since I’ve presented it to you since the Chris chang collection from Mac it seems to me! We will talk about two NYX Lip lingerie that …

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Hello everyone ! That’s it we are as promised for the contest! I had announced it on Snapchat, so thing promised thing due! We are now over 22,000 on my HelloCyrielle Youtube channel so it’s time to say thank you 🙂 As you know, I went to New York 10 …

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SWATCHS | My MAC lipsticks

Hello everyone ! That’s it, it’s the big day ! We finally find myself for my video on my lipstick Mac! Many of you have asked me, I put a little time, I grant you, but as they say, better late than never 🙂 In short, something promised, thing due …

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Miss Hippie mascara from L’Oreal

Miss Hippie mascara from L'Oreal oreal mascara hippie

Hi girls and boys! Your vacation went well ?! For my part they have just started. I therefore approach this new period with a new product, essential for my afternoon pool and sunbathing: Miss Hippie waterproof mascara from L L’Oréal ! Less important than a good sunscreen certainly but still …

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Review: Sephora’s Smoothing Powder

Review: Sephora's Smoothing Powder smoothing sephora review powder

Today I am going to present you one of my latest discoveries, a good one moreover! By dint of watching beauty videos on YouTube we begin to want to buy all Sephora and the wishlist is disproportionate. Fortunately there are products that we can not get easily because otherwise it …

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Hello Hello, I hope you are all well 🙂 Today we meet for a Crash Test: Spray Foundation ! You saw it in my Haul New York and I promised you that I will talk to you about this product again soon! So it’s done 🙂 I do not know …

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